Success Goes To A Select Few Who Are Willing To Play the Long Game

What differentiates those who play the long game from those who don’t

Nicole Bryan
5 min readDec 16, 2020


Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

The easy way out is seductive. Who doesn’t want to win the lottery, pack it all up and fly off somewhere warm where they can just sip champagne on the beach every day?

Consumers live and die for the easy way. The short game. Fast food. Diet pills. One-touch technology.

The short game serves us:

  • ATMs allow us to access cash at midnight
  • Plastic surgeons allow us to skip the squats and buy the perfect body
  • Amazon allows us to send the perfect gift overnight
  • UberEats allows us to not have to meal prep during a busy week

The short game gets us from desire to desire-fulfilled in 3.5 seconds. It serves us because it satisfies a current craving. It fulfills a short term need.

The short game is currently the default way of existence. It is by design. Careful, strategic programming to make us want more, do more, buy more.

Some of us are playing the short game on autopilot. And when that happens, we are no longer playing the game, but being played by the short game.



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