Prepare Like the Best for Maximum Success

Lessons from the Greats, to maximize your chance of success as you prepare for 2021

Nicole Bryan
10 min readDec 29, 2020


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Prepare Everyday Like Your Life Depends On It

What does it look like to prepare every day like your life depends on it? Allow me to share, for I have lived it. And I have learned from the Greats before me, including my mom. Let’s start there.

Mom, do you really need all those kerosine lamps in 2020?
Well of course, what if we lose power?

And do you need all six of these umbrellas?
Well of course, what if it’s raining and I have people over for dinner?

OK. Tell me again why you need a second large refrigerator for a household of one, please?
Well, it’s always good to have extra food so that I don’t have to go shopping every week.

I say my mom is a hoarder. She says she’s always prepared. Potato, po(tah)to.

“Young folks are careless,” she says. “Give you guys a cell phone and a credit card and we can cart you off to Whereverland! You all wouldn’t have been able to survive half of what I’ve been through.”



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